Best Way To Lose Weight Is Dieting and Exercising

The best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle by eating healthier food, reducing you’re consuming of fat and carbohydrates and exercising on a regular basis. To win the easy weight loss game and become slim, you have to change your mind set about foods that burn fat and exercising. Your life style and mindset change must become part of your daily activities for the rest of your life to control and manage your ideal body weight.

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Fat Loss Factor

I have seen it so many times where a friends or family member worked hard to lose weight through a diet and exercising to only gain the weight back when they stop exercising and dieting. The weight they lost returns and sometimes they even gain more weight.

You see starting your weight loss program should not start with dieting.

First of all the best way to lose weight is to believe that you can lose weight and keep it off. You also need to change your mind to think positively about becoming thin. You will need to teach yourself to think correctly about foods that burn fat and weight and change your future eating and exercising habits for easy weight loss.

The key element to your success is to live daily with your new habits. You will need to be consistent in your efforts and develop a can do attitude.

The major problem with most of those easy weight loss products and diets is that they begin with eating and focus on dropping pounds. Where I want you to start is with changing your mindset as part of the best way to lose weight process. Once you start thinking right, you’ll be ready to lose weight. You must start looking at food as fuel, not as something eat when you watch TV or when you are bored. You must focus on the benefits of reaching your goals, not the sacrifice involved with forgoing that second piece of pie or a candy bar. The The Fat Loss Factor is a great way to change your lifestyle and work on easy weight loss.

Research associated with changing a habit states that it takes about a month to change a habit. So do not fool yourself into thinking that you are going to lose the weight you want in a month. The best method to lose weight is to take a month and get your body used to being a fat burning machine through a diet and exercising. Take your time and plan your strategies for changing your long-term thinking about the best way to lose weight and your future lifestyle.

You read about and hear all the time that someone wants easy weight loss in a week or a month. How many ladies do you know that have gone on a crash diet before they walked down the wedding aisle. As mentioned the best way to lose is to implement a continuous weight loss process for a life time. If you are patient and persistent weight loss will happen. It may take a year or more depending on how much weight you want to lose. Your action is to make the commitment to make a change by starting slowly and continuing for the long-lasting change.

Now that you have changed your mindset and made a commitment to the best way to lose weight and keeping it off let’s look at the simple truth about easy weight loss. It is simple.

The best way to lose belly fat is to burn more calories than you consume.

Losing calories is essential for the beat way to lose weight and shedding pounds. Energy for your body comes from burning calories that you consume. For the average person, one needs to consume between 1900 and 2400 calories per day to be able to sustain your weight. So these are the average number of calories that you are likely to burn off during an average day of activities.

If you consume more calories than you burn, then your body has an excess of energy. When you have energy in your body, that is not used, it is converted and stored as ATP ((or, Adenosine triphosphate) is a source of energy for your body. This high-energy phosphate molecule is the main source of usable energy for the activities of your cells and is the fuel responsible for muscle contraction). This ATP is essentially converted into fat. This is basic reason why one puts on weight. When you exercise as part of your lose weight process you will burn more calories off, so your metabolism will convert this ATP back into energy which the body then uses for energy and easy weight loss.

So you see, the easy way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume but if you eat more calories than you use you will put on weight. Read 6 easy ways to lose weight to see how easy it really is to lose weight once you commit to changing your life style.

The thing is that every food we eat results in taking in calories. This is the characteristics of food, it consists of energy which our body use. So why do you eat?

You see calorie counting is fairly easy since you only have to keep track of the calories in the food that you eat in a food diary. Any time you eat a different food, write down your calorie consumption from eating the food and maintain a daily running total so you know the quantity of calories that you have eaten during the day. Then, once you have taken in your pre-determined daily maximum amount of calories, stop your eating! It is as easy as that.

What this implies is that you can eat anything you want, whenever you want provided you don’t surpass your daily calorie limit (this is similar to Paul McKenna’s philosophy of eating what you want, when you want and stopping when you’re full). There are several websites which allow you to calculate your calorie intake if you do not want to spend the time doing the arithmetic.

What is also significant pertaining to calorie counting is that it will help you determine patterns in your eating habits that may be contributing to your weight gain. You will be able to identify those foods leading you to consume more calories and help you search for alternative foods that burn fat as part of the weight loss process.

In a similar fashion, you’ll be able to figure out how much more exercising you will need to do during the day to burn calories off the additional calories. When done accurately, calorie counting could be amazingly effective at assisting you with your weight loss.

Now let’s take a look at some practical ways that will help you achieve your weight loss goal once you have changed your mind set and make the commitment to change your thinking about the best way to lose weight:

Eat less fat. A low fat diet can help you avoid some serious health problems and to get rid of the unwanted fat. Try the following suggestions: choose dishes free of fat or with a low fat content, read their labels carefully, pay attention on their preparation and cooking (try cooked or steamed) as part of the weight loss process.

Increase your daily physical activity as part of weight loss efforts. If you have been inactive for an extended time period, make more of an effort to exercise daily to increase your fitness and attain your ideal weight. The exercise activity not only will help your body burn both calories and fat, but will provide your body the ability to burn calories after the workout. You daily activities will also help you improve your general state of mind about weight loss.

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Eat smaller portions and more often. Instead of consuming three courses per day, divide you daily intake of food into five to seven courses per day. This will aid your body in consuming those calories more efficiently as the beat way to lose weight.

Look in the mirror not the scale. Despite the fact that surplus of fat will turn into muscle, which is harder and more dense than fatty tissue, your weight at first may increase when you get on the scale. So look into the mirror to determine if your body is actually changing in size.

Maintain a diary of your eating habits. Write in your eating diary yours eating habits such as when you eat, what you eat, with whom you eat, and your state of mind. Use the data in your diary to help identify your eating habits which are not connected to a feeling of hunger (for example eating while watching your favorite TV show).

Drink lots of water at least 6-8 glasses per day to help with your continued the best way to lose weight. It has been determine through research that liquids helps to clean toxins from the body and provides you with more energy.

Keep in mind to win the easy weight loss game and become slim, you have to change your mind set about foods that burn fat and exercising.

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