5 Exercises That Can Be Done At Home

Is your budget preventing you from going to the gym to exercise? Then here are some exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home to burn calories and fat.

Here are some resistance training and cardio exercises that you can do in your home using your own body weight and outside the home:

1. Pushups- There are many pushup variations by simply changing your body placement. You can do them in the standard by supporting yourself with your hands and toes. You can vary the pushup by supporting yourself with your hands and  knees.  Another variation is done by propping your toes up on a chair or on a couch with your hands on the floor.  Other variations include changing body placement and the width of your hands.
2. Crunches- You can do crunches by laying on the floor with your feet on floor. Another variation is laying on the floor with your legs straight in air. There is also the bicycle crunch. Do not forget to do those tough oblique crunches. Another core exercise is getting yourself in the plank where you support yourself on the underside of your forearms and your toes.
3. Lunges- There are several variations of the lunge. There is the walking lunges, side lunges, stationary lunges, reverse or front lunges.
4. Squats- You can do squats with your feet together and feet apart at shoulder-width. Another ways is to place your back on wall while pushing yourself up doing the squats. An advance squat would include holding extra weight (dumbbells, water jugs, etc) across your shoulders.
5. Bridges- The bridge is an exercise to strengthen the core. Lie on your back bend you legs toward yourself while keeping the bottom of your feet flat on the floor. Now you want to lift your hips off the floor moving them toward the ceiling while squeezing your glutes the whole time. Challenge yourself by doing the bridge while keeping one leg up in the air.
6. Cardio- Here are some fat burning methods that are done outside the home. Climbing  stairs at work or during shopping. Other great ways to burn calories include  running, walking,  jogging, biking, or hiking outside.  A few ways to exercise inside the home include jumping rope (or just jumping period), hula hopping, kickboxing routines, fitness videos, jumping jacks, etc.

As you can see, these are the best exercise to lose weight that you can choose from to exercise at home without equipment. All of the exercises you can do at home.

Investing a little money in a good resistance band, Swiss ball, and/or pair of hand weights will allow you to do a wide variety of exercises from home.

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