Boost Energy At The Workplace

Most of us work at a desk or sit in a meeting many hours a day and have a great need to boost energy at the workplace. This is so unnatural for our body. Our body is designed to move not sit. Sitting at a desk or in a meeting room can cause a great deal of physical stress on our body along with tension.

Office life if you let it can suck the energy right out of you and hinder your easy weight loss efforts. But, you can use the workplace to your advantage to put more pep in your step, boost energy, and become more productive.

“The workplace is the forgotten arena of the self-improvement battle,” explains SparkPeople Coach, Joe Downie. “But it’s the place where people need help the most! Stress is a huge factor in how well you perform at work. It clouds your thinking and wears you down,” continues Coach Joe. “Without that energy, you lose creativity, concentration and motivation.” In return, he says, “all you gain is irritability and tension.”

Research has shown that workers who perform desk exercises and eat natural energy food get a boost of energy and are far more productive. Exercising and boosting your energy during the day keeps the blood flowing which helps the brain work better. As Zig Zigler once said, “five minutes of exercise will gain you 15 more minutes of productivity.”

The most effective method to deal with low energy is with a dose of workplace stretching, proper breathing, and good posture. There are plenty of energy boosters all around you. You don’t have to drop what you are doing and run to the gym to do your weight loss exercises. In fact, there are dozens of methods you can use around the workplace to reduce stress and increase energy within 50 feet of the office without special equipment.

No matter how interesting the job, most of us lose energy a little at some point in the day. Here are some ideas on how to boost energy at the workplace to make it easier to make it through those final hours!

  • Take time for a break. Many do not take enough breaks, which can lead to stiffness from sitting all day, headaches from working at a computer for hours, and possible brain meltdown. So stand up for a period of time, stretch a little at your desk, remove yourself from your desk and talk to someone or walk up some stairs.
  • Have a natural healthy snack. Taking some time to eat a quick natural healthy snack to refuel. It will provide you with an energy boost. Eating small healthy food several times during the day is also a great way to boost metabolism and enhance easy weight loss. Pack celery sticks, have a yogurt with berries, some wheat crackers with natural peanut butter, fruit, raw vegetables, drink of green tea… Wolfing down a donut or bag of chips with a coke will not only hurt your metabolism, it will give you a blood sugar rush that will die down quickly leaving you feeling more tired than before!
  • Have a cup of ice water or green tea. Decaffeinated green tea is soothing, healthy, and full of antioxidants. The tea will make you feel good about doing something for yourself! This break will give you a physical and a mental break.
  • Take a little walk inside the building or outside. A 10 – 15 minutes walk around the office or outside will provide a quick exercise, fresh air, and will get your blood pumping. This will provide an energy boost and a positive healthy side affect for your daily life!
  • Take a moment to massage your shoulders and neck. Find the points of tension in the shoulders and neck and hold pressure on those tension points for 6-10 seconds.
  • Step up and down on the bottom step of your office staircase like step aerobics.
  • Put several packs of printer paper in each hand and curl them like weights. You can also move them over your head.
  • Take a couple of steps back from the desk, lean forward on the edge of the desk until you are in an inclined pushup position, and now do a couple sets of incline push-ups.
  • Step away from your desk and stretch your muscles. Remember to stretch your neck and wrists.
  • Squeezing a stress ball to relieve stress while strengthening the forearms and wrists for typing.
Taking care of body at the office is just one way exercises and fitness can help you in other parts of your life. It only takes is a few minutes at a time.

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