Foods That Burn Belly Fat

If you desire to lose weight, burn off fat and build up muscle mass, then you need to follow a balanced lifestyle, with a proper training program and a balanced nutrition consisting of foods that burn belly fat. But there are some exercises and more importantly some food items which are more efficient then other when it comes to weight loss, and especially in sculpting your mid section. So, what are the foods that burn off belly fat?

Well, by eating the following foods you will be able to make a large step forward in your diet plan and you will be able to see great results faster:

–    Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast possibilities. But be careful to choose the plain one and not the sweetened one which contains large amounts of sugar. If you think the taste is too plain, you can “spice it up” with a couple of berries.
–    Go nuts for nuts as almonds and other nuts are probably the best snacking option in between meals.  Consume about 24 almonds a day or any other type of nuts to fight off hunger pangs and avoid salted nuts as these tend to contain too much sodium and will raise your blood pressure.
–    Another one of the foods that burn belly fat is protein powder. Yes, you heard it correctly. Protein powder is not only for those who desire to bulk up, it is also a great option for those who desire to burn off the belly fat. Add two teaspoons to a smoothie to accelerate your body’s fat burning capabilities. But be aware, you should add the protein powder only with fruit, low fat yogurt and milk smoothies to obtain results. If you mix it with a chocolate shake you will get a caloric bomb.
–    Olive Oil is a great way of supplying the body with healthy fats as monosaturated fats, which will help your body to maintain your cholesterol at healthy levels and also satisfy your possible cravings. Be careful to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils as they tend to have the exact opposite effect.
–    Berries are the power antioxidant and fiber foods. One cup of raspberries contains as much as six grams of fiber. But be careful to consume preferably fresh berries and completely avoid jelly as it has no fiber and comes with loads of added sugar.
–    Another entry in the list of the foods that burn belly fat is eggs. Eggs is one of the food items which contains the biggest vitamin complex, among which the B12 vitamin which is essential for the body to metabolize fat. A small word of advice: consult your doctor about your cholesterol levels before you increase egg consumption in your diet.
–    Beans are one of the best foods that burn belly fat as they are rich in protein and fiber.  You should consume a bean meal once a week to get the best of results with your weight loss program. But be careful, you should consume plain beans and not refried beans, as the latter contain a high percentage of saturated fat.

–    Lean meat and fish will increase your body’s capabilities of burning carbohydrates and fat. It is advisable to consume turkey or fish such as tuna or salmon which are full of omega-3.  You should avoid cured meats and processed meat products such as sausages which have a large quantity of saturated fats.
–    And last but not least you should go for the foods that burn belly fat with green vegetables.  Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain a high percentage of fiber and give the sensation of fullness, faster.