How to Stop Those Sugar Cravings

“How to stop those sugar cravings?” is the subject of many blogs dealing with easy weight loss. Many studies have shown a direct relationship between consuming to much sugar and weight gain. Do you know how much sugar you consume each day? Do you consume a lot of sugar before you go to bed at night?

I believe most people know the answer without being told. The problem is that people like you and me are not willing to follow the answer. You see the simple solution is that you should not start the consumption of sugar. Another words, “Do not start.”

The best way to stop is to remove all items in the house that has sugar. Yes, get rid of the ice cream, non diet soda, all processed foods with sugar in the ingredients, candy, and the list can go on forever.

You want to be very honest with yourself and put your best foot forward when you decide to stop those sugar cravings and work on an easy weight loss strategy.

Is that a simple answer or what!

The problem is that eating sugar sets up your body to crave even more sugar. This craving that we all have, have been proven over and over again by many PhD’s.

Yes, even after two days without no sugar your body will begin to feel a craving for sugar. Your find that your body is in a blown sugar detox and the body is craving a “hit” just like a drug or alcohol addict.

Until we make a commitment to eliminate those bad sugars and emotional sweet eating we will be drawn back into the habit of consuming more and more sugar which will lead to weight gain.

Another problem that has to be dealt with is that we have been doing this to ourselves our entire life. In addition, we need to find new ways to deal with our emotions related to sugar.

Trust me it is not impossible. You can take actions that will get you through this.

The very first thing that must be done is to simple put down the sugar and remove the sugar from your presents. The tough part just like a drug  addict is getting through the first weeks without sugar and without going crazy. After making it through the first two weeks you need to try and understand what all this sugar has done to you and what you need to stop sugar intake.

A great by product of eliminating sugar is the loss of pounds and belly fat.

Good luck with your efforts.

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