Probably the most en vogue method of losing weight is running to lose weight.  And this is because it is one of the most accessible manners to lose weight in healthy manner. A 150 pound person will be able to burn up to 100 calories per mile, depending on speed and the terrain. And if you desire so lose weight by running, here are a couple of useful tips for the best way to lose weight.

Running To Lose WeightOne of the best tips on running to lose weight is to follow a healthy and equilibrate diet. This is a tip which can be applied in any type of workout routine, not only on running, but in this case its importance rises a bit, as runners do have some specific nutritional needs. You should follow on smaller portions of high fat caloric foods and more on whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. And if you want to lose weight you need to carefully monitor your food intake so that you can create the caloric deficit needed. Many people tend to compensate for the calories burned by eating high caloric foods which might even lead to weight gain.

Second tip is to follow a training schedule. It might sound funny, but this is the best way to keep yourself motivated and prevent yourself from skipping or postponing your training routine. Also, by following a schedule you will be able to avoid getting any injuries as you will be able to carefully asses how many miles you should be doing that day.

Third tip on running to lose weight is to run regularly, especially if you do not desire to follow a schedule. If you desire to obtain actual results, then you need to be consistent with your training and try to follow at least a 30 minute running session, 3-4 times a week.

Fourth tip is to maintain your training challenging. You can incorporate interval training by running faster for small intervals of time into your normal running routine. By combing your normal speed with higher speeds for short intervals of time you will be able to burn off more calories as well as boost up your resting metabolic rate.

Fifth tip of on running to lose weight is to try to find a means of entertainment while you are running. We strongly recommended that you listen to some music on your mp3 player or to an audio book. This will make concentrate more on what you are listening and enable you to pursuit longer distances. Plus, is you follow more stimulating music, you will be able to get greater results, as you will have the tendency to follow the rhythm. We suggest listening to some trance, house or even alternative music.

And the sixth and not necessarily the last tip for running to lose weight is to find comfortable running equipment. We strongly recommend that you purchase running shoes, so that you avoid the risk of injury and that you wear comfortable, flexible clothing which permits your skin to breath and in which you feel comfortable. Plus, you should also purchase a belt held liquid recipient as you need to keep yourself hydrated to obtain results in a healthy manner.

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