6 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

6 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Ways To Lose WeightMy fellow seeker of ways to lose weight. I want to warmly encourage you in your quest to lose the gut and get that fabulous looking body you have always wanted.

We may never meet in person, but through these 6 easy ways to lose weight that I am going to disclose to you, I believe that you will be closer to losing the belly and becoming healthier and fit.

We all have struggled with losing weight, looking for that secret receipt for burning fat and losing our belly fat. There is no secret receipt or supplement. Losing weight take a lifestyle change and long term commitment to the ways to lose weight and then maintain the ideal weight for the rest  of our lives. This is a daily process that must be continued and continued for the long term for easy weight loss.

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Do not give up. Make a long term commitment to eat right and move more every day as ways to lose weight.

So without any further ado, let’s get down to business and look at sure shot ways to lose weight BIG TIME

Write down why and ways to lose weight

I am sure many of you have friends who too were overweight or obese at some point and decided to lose weight, only to fall off the bandwagon within a couple of months or even weeks.

Don’t be like those people!

Write down on a piece of paper WHY you want to lose weight and stick it somewhere you can see it daily. It could be at your office desk space, your bedroom, on your bathroom mirror, or your refrigerator.

And every time you look at it, try to visualize it actually happening in your mind, try to sense how it feels to be light and healthy, how happy you feel. It is important that you visualizes your end goal in your mind. This is because, if you cannot ‘see’ your end goal happening in your mind, there is good chance it will actually happen in real time. Visualize what you will look like when you actually lose the weight.

Write down how many pounds you want to lose

There is another reason why so many people start trying to lose weight and why an equal number fail miserably. It happens because all of them fail to have a clear cut definition of what they want. All of them almost universally want to lose pounds, but how many they don’t know.

It is really important to know how many pounds you want to lose and the ways to lose weight. Realistically speaking, it is quite possible to lose about 7 pounds in six weeks, without resorting to extreme dieting or exercise.

In fact one should not fall into the trap of extreme dieting and exercising as you will only end up getting burned out. This is counterproductive to one’s long term health and physical condition, which brings us to our next step.

Think Long term

A lot of people also give up their pursuit of losing weight and achieving a body image they visualize because they simply do not stick to their weight loss plan or schedule long enough.

A weight loss of about 7 pounds in six weeks may not seem much, but stretch the numbers over time and you can see for yourself how much weight you can lose.

7 pounds becomes 14 pounds over a period of 12 weeks and over a period of 18 weeks; the same number becomes 21 pounds.

Thus within six months, one can easily lose about 26 pounds which is quite a significant number.

Do resistance training

It is commonly assumed to lose weight one needs to do a ton of cardio and run for hours on the treadmill. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a very well-kept secret in the fitness industry that those that promote the use of all those fancy treadmills and elliptical trainers have seldom if at all actually used those equipment themselves.

It is just a promotion gimmick to sell such fancy gym equipment to unsuspecting and naïve customers who are ready to do anything to lose weight.

One of the best ways to lose weight, is to perform resistance training and strength movements. These are movements which stress the whole body and are a complete workout for the entire body.

Having a large range of motion, these exercises give the maximum bang for their buck. Multiple muscles across the body are involved in the execution of these movements. This results in a massive increase in EPOC (Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption).  EPOC is a physiological response of the body when it undergoes significant micro tears across several major muscle groups. The body’s demand for oxygen shoots up to aid in cellular level repair and regeneration. This spike in oxygen demand is accompanied by a rise in basal metabolic rate, the combination of which really leaves no choice for the fat in your body to but disappear.

To get an understanding of some of the resistance training programs, check out Six Pack Shortcuts Training Program as one of the ways to lose weight.

And let’s not forget the simple fact that muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells at rest. So the more muscle you have the more the likelihood of your losing the fat around your belly for good.

Watch your diet

Unfortunately, exercise is just part of the equation to getting leaner and losing weight. The major part of the equation involves having a good balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. As a general rule of the thumb, to lose weight one should consume one’s body weight in pounds x 12 calories. So if you weigh 300lbs., you need to eat around 3600 calories a day to start losing weight.

One also needs to eliminate most if not all processed foods from one’s daily diet as one of the ways to lose weight. So cokes, chips, cookies are out of question.

But one need not fret much. It is quite alright to indulge yourself once a week.

One really cannot stay 100% committed to eating just bland, boiled foods all the time. Instead it is much better to eat healthy 90% of the time and enjoy once in a while.

One should also consume smaller, frequent meals up to 6 times day instead of having 3 large meals as you eat right. This helps enhance one’s metabolic rate which aids in one’s goal of weight loss.

“The journey matters, not the destination”

In the end, one should keep the aforementioned quotation in mind when one begins to implement these ways to lose weight. For it is not where you are today that matters, but where you will be tomorrow that counts. You should always have faith in yourself and believe that you can do it, for if you yourself do not believe it, no one else will.

There will be days when the going will get tough, when you will be cranky or moody or just plain bored and not want to exercise or eat right.

In those times, remind yourself of that image in your mind, the leaner, meaner, fitter you and see how happy and proud you will be while achieving your goals.

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To sum up, these ways to lose weight is a journey not a destination. There are no quick fixes or short cuts to achieving long lasting good health and vitality.

One must not give up and lose hope if one fails to notice any difference on the weighing scale after six weeks. For many the body has forgotten what it feels like to exercise, eat right and stay healthy.

To change decades of bad habits, one needs to give the body time to adapt. Most of the time, this can stretch well beyond 6 weeks, but not beyond 12 weeks.

So have faith in your endeavor to achieving a healthier you.

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